Upgraded Enchantment Table

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The upgraded enchantment table allows players enchant non special set weapons and armor. This also provides protection 4 unbreaking 3 to all armor and sharpness 5 unbreaking 3 to all weapons. The goal this item seeks to achieve is the ability for players to easily create starter god gear and to create unique "kit gear" similar to envoy armor. This is very important since Fortified is non pay to win meaning you cant buy kits from the online store.
Upgraded Enchantment Table.gif

Xp From Books

Xp Cost
Random Enchantments Count
Tier 1
1 - 6
Tier 2
1 - 3


You can obtain an upgraded enchantment table by crafting one by surrounding one beacon with eight normal enchantment tables. You can also find upgraded enchantment tables inside of rare, legendary, and koth crates along with rare and legendary envoy chests.
Craft Table.gif