Non-P2W F.A.Q

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Here are some frequently asked questions we get about the unique non-p2w aspect of our server.

Why do you sell anything at all?

  • Your contribution to us helps keep FortifiedPvP running, we offer the choice for products to be both purchased and obtained in-game. We only sell cosmetic products, ranks, and helpful items via the black-market. We do not sell anything that would give it's user any sort of competitive advantage what so ever.

Why sell unbans?

  • We offer our server free-to-play, that also means free for problems to arise with players disobeying our network rules. When banned, players have an option to wait for their ban to expire (if eligible), or purchase an unban (if eligible). If they choose to get banned again, they will most likely be perm banned.

Can I get everything in the store in-game?

  • Yes, every single item in the store can be obtained through means in-game.