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Gamemodes: Factions 2.0
Developers: CloneLTaps and FriedWingis

FortifiedPvP is a non-P2W Minecraft Factions server that is revolutionizing the game. Welcome to Factions 2.0, a mix between the OG-style factions and HCF factions. Created by CloneLTaps and FriedWingis, FortifiedPvP is a continuous project to deliver the best and most immersive experience possible. We welcome players from every style and game mode, showing them how different we truly are.

Wiki Directory

Here you can find information for nearly every feature on FortifiedPvP. This wiki and all of its pages may be revised and edited without notice. News and announcements about FortifiedPvP are frequently posted to the FortifiedPvP Official Discord.

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