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Factions here on FortifiedPvP functions completely different than it does on other servers. For starters its a hybrid between HCF and regular cannoning factions with a sprinkle of other custom features. For example you can choose to make a normal base that can be raided with TNT cannons in the typical fashion but you can also use the custom /f base feature that allows you to generate an upgradable pre built HCF style base. This will be talked about in depth later on in this article.

Starting out in Factions

When starting off in factions here on Fortified you can choose to join an existing faction or create your own. The best way to make money is by doing factions and custom enchantment quests along with jobs which can be accessed with the /quest command. Another great way is to do Envoy. Since you can be killed during these events its advised to instantly do /pv and store the obtained items. You can also try to adventure into the warzone before an envoy and then use /sethome <name> at a random section to try and avoid players. You can also drink invisibility potions which hides your name from /near and makes it easy to grab chests.

Another way to make money is to grind mobs from spawners. You can get spawners from completing quests, doing koth, from envoy, and from finding random natural spawners in both the overworld and nether. Spanwers can often be placed inside of your f base or in a wild base made up of normal claims. The last main way is to make an auto crop farm. For this I suggest a cactus, melon, pumpkin or sugar cane farm which can be placed randomly in the world with or without fortification.

It is also important to point out that all claims within 4 chunks of warzone will be auto unclaimed after a week. You can ensure your warzone claims remain by unclaiming them then reclaiming them once a week. Remember that the week timer starts as soon as a claim is placed. This is done so that popular claims remain obtainable through out the entire season instead of being held by a faction who quit.

/f help Gives all available factions commands.
/f create <faction name> Allows you to create a new faction.
/f join <faction name> Allows you to join a faction that invited you.
/f kick <faction name> Allows you to kick a player from your faction.
/f leave Allows you to leave a faction.
/f disband Allows you to disband your faction.
/f show <faction name> Allows you to view information about the specified faction.
/f who <players name> Allows you to view information about the specified players faction.
/f c f Allows you to speak in faction exclusive chat.
/f c m Allows you to speak in faction exclusive chat that's only available to mods and up.
/f c g or /f global Allows you to speak in global chat.
/f invite <on / off> Allows you to toggle on and off faction invites.
/f info <on / off Allows you to toggle on and off messages that notify you when you move to a claim owned by someone else.
/f map Opens up a map that rotates depending on your direction that depicts the owners of claims around you.

Faction Roles

Recruit- The default role that all new faction members start at. Recruit's are not able to open chests, or fence gates, and are also not allowed to place or break blocks inside the faction f base or regular faction land.

Member- This role gives players the ability to interact inside of the faction base such as open and close things like doors, fence gates, and chests. They can also break and place blocks inside the f base and inside regular claims.

Mod- This role gives the same permissions as the Member role but it also gives the ability to claim and unclaim land. Furthermore, it also gives access to faction mod chat and the ability to change a new players role to Member. Lastly, it gives the ability to buy faction upgrades and faction tiers.

Co-leader- Gives the same permissions as mod while also be given the ability to mod and demod players. It also gives access to /f unclaim all along with being able to disband the faction.

Leader- Gives the same permissions as co-leader while also being able to promote and demote co-leaders. The player with this role is also not able to leave the faction and must first relinquish the leader role with /f leader <players name> or by disbanding the faction.

/f recruit <players name> Allows faction members that are mod or higher to demote players under their role to the role recruit.
/f member <players name> Allows faction members that are mod or higher to promote / demote players under their role to the role member.
/f mod <players name> Allows faction members that are co-leader or higher to promote / demote players under their role to the role mod.
/f coleader <players name> Allows faction leaders to promote / demote players to the role co-leader.
/f leader <players name> Allows faction leaders to promote a player to the role leader while demoting them self's to co-leader.

Faction Bases

Factions here on Fortified can have two different bases one of which being the /f base. The f base is an HCF style base where no cannons can damage it with exposed fence gates that are used to enter and leave the base. The second type is your normal base that is raidable by TNT cannons. It's also important to point out that factions can have both bases at the same time and do not need to pick between the two. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of both types of bases will give you a massive advantage compared to the competition.

F Bases
One massive difference between HCF bases and the f base is that you don't actually place any blocks to make the f base. After you are in a faction you can create an f base by finding a semi flat piece of land in the overworld that is not too close to large water or lava pools. When you then select the first base in /f base it will auto claim a 9x9 chunk section and place a small 1x1 chunk base at the center (where you are standing). The base's entrance will be pointing in which ever direction you were looking when you got the base. Be carful though since the orientation of your base can't be changed after its been placed. Furthermore, since the f base auto claims a 9x9 chunk section that means there can't be any other claims within those 9x9 chunks otherwise it wont work.
F bases upgrades require money, logs, and smooth stone. Logs and smooth stone are not available in the /shop so they must be obtained from the wilderness. To add materials to your factions collection bin use /f materials. Furthermore, the custom enchantment "Felling" makes mining logs extremely efficient while silk touch and the "Magnetic" and "Trench" Custom Enchantments make mining smooth stone a breeze. In order to further progress through the four f base levels you will need progress through the /quests. These will guide you through your f base journey while also giving many useful rewards.
The inside of your f base is completely changeable meaning you can add and remove blocks wherever you choose. However, you will not be able to break the physical base structure or the f base land outside the structure. Also no player will be able to ender pearl inside the f base claim with a caveat of pearling inside the f base and under the f base. Pearling is allowed under the f base and inside the f base to make raiding easier while pearling is disabled else where to remove any potential exploits but mainly to make it more risky to sell mob drops from external spwaners which will be talked about in the following section.
/f base Allows a faction to buy and upgrade their f base.
/f materials Allows faction members to add logs and stone.
/f home Brings you to the center of your f base which can't be changed.
/f tier Allows you to buy and upgrade your external spawner rooms.
Spawner Rooms
You will be able to place spawners inside of your f base with a few small caveats. Firstly, you will not be able to place blaze spawners inside of your f base until you reach base level two. Secondly, you will not be able to place creeper spawners inside your f base until base level four. Lastly, you won't be able to place any iron golem spawners inside your f base regardless of its level (in the future base level five is allow this).
Considering all of that there is another unique feature, /f tier which allows you buy and upgrade external spawner rooms. There are four external creeper spawner rooms with each having six levels to them that unlock at f base level three. There are also four external iron golem spawner rooms which unlock at base level four and similarly to the creeper spawners each has six levels. Each level does not increase your external spawner count but it does increase the amount of drops. For example level two gives 2x drops, level 3 gives 4x drops, level 4 gives 8x drops and so on till level 6.
Enemies will not be able to open your external spawner room chests but they can camp outside your base and wait for you to sell so be carful! It is advised to use sell wands when selling these chests since it allows you to keep plenty of potions on you.
Furthermore, external spawners are the one physical investment that can't be raided. This means if your faction does go raidable you can lose everything inside your f base and in your normal /f claim's but you won't lose your physical external spawners. That being said the physical chests them self's can be opened by anyone until you are no longer raidable. See the following section for more info on raiding f bases.
Raiding F bases is similar to HCF in the sense that you must kill opposing factions players in order to drop their power low enough for them to go raidable which is 50% of a factions max power. For example if a faction has 100 power you must drop their power to 50 before they are deemed raidable. Once a faction is raidable you will be able to overclaim and interact in that factions normal /f claim's. You will also be able to interact with that factions f base which includes opening doors, fence gates, and chests. You will also be able to mine anything inside of that f base.
It is also important to point out that spawners will be free for anyone to mine while a faction is raidable. Also killing a player inside of their own land whether that be in their f base or in their normal /f claim will result in a 10 power deduction from that players current total power. Killing someone in someone else's claim or in wilderness will result in a 7 power deduction while killing a player in warzone will only result in a 2 power reduction. A single player can not drop to less than -20 power. A player will receive 5 power every 30 minutes from their last death (dying before that time will reset the clock). Lastly, a players max power is 20.
Players often utilize invisibility potions when raiding f bases. These can be purchased in /shop while longer invisibility potions can be found in envoy. To invis raid players often take off all of their armor then switch to holding nothing before waiting outside another factions f base. When that faction opens their fence gates the invis raider will sneak in before putting their armor on and going on a killing rampage. You can find a factions f base by simply doing /f who <player name> or /f show <faction name> since the provided information contains the factions f base coordinates.
Regular Bases
There are no regeneration walls here on FortifiedPvP which also means there are no cobble monstering. This is done to protect the integrity of f bases. However, there are cobblestone, sand, and obsidian gen buckets which allows you make and repair your base quickly.
Trenching which refers to breaking all of the blocks under your bases is often done with TNT or with the "Trench" custom enchantment. This makes it harder for raiders to shoot under and up into your base. Another thing to keep in mind is that obsidian has 8 durability. You can reduce its durability by shooting TNT at it. To check the obsidian's durability right click it with a regular potato.
/f claim <radius> Allows faction mods and up to claim land.
/f unclaim <radius> Allows faction mods and up to unclaim land.
/fill <amount> <radius> Allows you to fill up dispensers located in your claims.
/genbucket Allows you to buy cobblestone, sand, and obsidian gen buckets.
Regular bases are your run of the mill factions base that can be cannoned and overclaimed. Overclaiming these bases was already mentioned above under the F Bases Raiding section. One key difference here however is that you can also raid using TNT cannons. There is a 2k TNT limit for your cannons and no auto cannons are allowed meaning you must manually activate your cannon for each shot. This is done because there are no regeneration walls and buffers are smaller here on FortifiedPvP. Using cannons that shoot TNT and sand above world height is not allowed while reverse and left / right shooters are fine to use. You can fill cannons in your claim using /fill.

Faction Top

Faction top is viewable with /f top <page>. The faction with the most value at the end of the season will win. All faction upgrades, and spawners inside your normal /f claim's will count towards your f top value. Furthermore, your f base level and your f tier spawner rooms and upgrades will also count towards f top. However, spawners placed inside of your f base will not count towards f top. This is done to balance both f bases and regular bases.

Faction Upgrades

Max Level
Increases the effectiveness of food by 25% per level.
Allows you to set faction warps with /f warp set <name>, access warps with /f warp and delete warps with /f warp delete <name>.
Allows you to fly bellow your f base and in your normal claims. Flying will be auto disabled when enemies get within 100 blocks of you. However, using invisibility potions will allow you to remain undetected thus not disabling fly.
Turns gunpowder dropped from creepers that spawned from spawners into TNT.
Iron Blocks
Turns iron ingots dropped from iron golems that spawned from spawners into iron blocks.
More Claims
Gives your faction more total claims.
Fences off your level 4 base's tower.