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Fortified /duels are a unique test of skill and dominance. With 6+ duel types, 9+ duel modifications to choose from, and 4+ arenas, you have an abundance of options to make your /duel perfect!

Duel Types

Each type features its own special kit, choose wisely!

Duel Types

  • Debuff
  • Soup
  • Gapple
  • No Debuff
  • Fist Fight
  • Inventory Duel

Duel Modifications

Duel modifications are unique to FortifiedPvP. With a simple click, you can "modify" your duel and customize it to your liking!

Duel Mods

  • Weapons (Default: Enabled)
  • Potions (Default: Enabled)
  • Risk Inventory (Default: Disabled)
  • Armor (Default: Enabled)
  • Bows (Default: Enabled)
  • Enderpearls (Default: Enabled)
  • Golden Apples (Default: Enabled)
  • Death Skull (Default: Enabled)
  • QoL Commands (/fix,/feed) (Default: Enabled)

Duel Commands

  • /duel <player>
  • /duel spectate
  • /duel leave
  • /duel collect